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Rubber Flex Line 3/16 Invert Flare Male Both Ends


3 foot length Hydraulic Brake Hose. There is a stainless steel flare on this brake hose to eliminate the possibility of a split during installation. In addition, there is a stainless steel extension at the end of the brake hose to increase the space for your tools when tightening the hoses. This Trailer Brake Hose also offers 40% more thread to yield a stronger, more leak-proof connection.

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It is an extremely high pressure and UV resistant rubber flexible hose that is DOT approved for trailer usage. The ends are 3/16″ Male inverted flare fittings with a swivel that use 3/8-24 thread, which will fit most trailer calipers, master cylinders, and solenoid valves.

You will additionally need Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake Fluid DOT 3 for Trailer Disc Brakes to fill and bleed your lines when finished installing.
This 3 ft section of brake hoses typically connects a tandem axle set up together. If would run from one fitting on the front axle, back to the second fitting on the rear axle.

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